What is an offshore company?
How can I manage my company if I have a nominee director?
What are acceptable names to use for a new company?
Do I need to pay authorized capital? If yes, when?
Do you sell ready-made (already registered) international companies?
How long does it take to register a company with your own name and receive the documentation?
Are you able to send us the documents for a ready-made company using a courier service?
Can I be the sole shareholder and/or director of the company?
What is the difference between a nominee shareholder and a real shareholder shareholder?
Do you offer nominee directors and shareholders services?
Why is a Declaration of Trust needed?
Do you help companies open bank accounts as foreign companies?
Do I need to be present for the document signing to establish an international company and during the registration process?
I am 20 years old. Can I be an owner or director of a company in the UAE?
What types of operations are forbidden in the UAE?