Goodwin Management Corporation provides companies the opportunity to open bank accounts in foreign banks as well as in Russia for both legal entities and individuals. This service is available for both residents and non-residents – companies, registered abroad, and individuals who live abroad.

 Opening accounts for residents and non-residents

 In order to open an account in a foreign bank, all you need to do is contact us and choose the correct bank. Goodwin Management Corporation specialists take it upon themselves to prepare the set of documents that are required to open an account as a non-resident. Goodwin Management Corporation cares about the welfare of their clients, that’s why the most up-to-date and relevant information is always made available. Our employees will help you to understand the specifics of different banks and choose the most suitable option to fully meet your needs. Before opening an account in a foreign bank, we will provide you with the following information on banking services:

  •  bank tariffs;
  •  transfer periods;
  •  details of payment card services;
  •  how you can contact the bank and receive additional information.

Opening an account as a non-resident is a popular service that may be required by any individual regardless of their operational sphere. To make this process easier and avoid getting caught up in the details of foreign banking systems, please contact our specialists at Goodwin Management Corporation.

Overview of opening bank accounts

 Name of bank Country

How long it takes to open an account (working days)

Cost of opening an accoun

 Minimum deposit

 Client interview at the Bank

1Norvik BankLatvia10-14550 EUR not required not required
2C.I.M. BanqueSwitzerland10-141 200 EUR

10 000 EUR/USD

 not required
10Valartis BankLiechtenstein10-141 200 EUR300 000 USD not required

Please contact us for more information and consultation regarding opening bank accounts.